The AEC industry is constantly evolving. Mergers and acquisitions, diversification of service lines, new technologies and constant access to information has drastically changed the way design and construction firms conduct business, and with it, how they need to market themselves.

Firms that you never competed against are now on every shortlist, project demands are increasingly complex and your clients seem to have their team picked long before an RFQ is even issued. The importance of proactive marketing strategies has never been greater, yet many firms still rely on passive and reactive marketing.

At Dragonfly AEC Consulting, we specialize in helping our clients to analyze and fully understand their firm’s vision, market position and resources to create strategies that achieve their business development goals. By incorporating '30,000 ft views' and 'boots-on-the-ground tactics', we leverage a broad range of experience and expertise. Whether acting as an extension of your marketing team, or supporting a specific project pursuit, Dragonfly offers our clients the following services:


  • Market Growth Strategies

  • Client Capture Planning

  • Proposal and Interview Strategies

  • Process and Tool Development



  • Marketing and Communications Audit

  • Collateral Development

  • Message Development


  • Market Research

  • Perception Studies

  • Competition Analysis

  • BD and Marketing Metrics

  • Goal / Strategy Development 


  • Brand Discovery / Perception Audit

  • Messaging Strategy and Creative Brief Summary

  • Visual Identity Development (logo, templates, style guides)

Learning and Development

  • Software Skills Training

  • Differentiation Training

  • RFP Review and Analysis

  • Strategic Planning Process

  • Speaking / Presentation Skill Development