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Partners in proactivity

The AEC industry is changing—and we want to help you keep up. For too long, we've watched leaders operate at a disadvantage, trapped in reactive mode when it comes to marketing and BD. Stop wasting limited resources with limited success. Let's try a different way. 


Why work with us?

Rooted in realism. 

Our work is only successful if it works for you. That's why we pride ourselves on delivering strategies that are actionable and appropriately scaled for your organization.  

Focused on impact.

Leveling up is a marathon, not a sprint. We keep you motivated along the way by focusing on quick wins and measurable milestones—for progress you can see and feel.   

Committed to candor. 

We're not known for being shy with our opinions (cue LOLs from our parents and former coworkers). You will always know where we stand and receive sincere expertise and advice. 

Informed by access. 

We believe in the power of networks and have spent our careers building them at the national level. What does that mean for you? New connections, insider knowledge, and ready advice from industry influencers. 

Ready to rock. 

When you find the right team, work can be fun—and that's exactly what we're after. We want our time together to be memorable and enjoyable, whether it's in the board room or on the golf course. 

Why Us
Meet the Team

Meet the team

As in-house marketing and BD leaders, we were good. As Dragonfly, we're unstoppable—and 100% in your corner. 

Alex Jayjock, CPSM
Owner, Business Development Strategist

An Army Brat who completed 10 moves around the world before age 15, Alex is no stranger to change, flexibility, and resiliency. These experiences make our Dragonfly moniker a no-brainer and inform almost two decades of BD leadership for AEC's most impactful players. Alex's competitive drive, love for the industry, and direct approach help firm leaders identify and keep their eye on the prize.

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Kayla McCause, CPSM
Marketing Strategist

Whether playing games or pursuing new markets, Kayla's always two steps ahead of the competition. Her knack for systems thinking and unique blend of skills bring AEC leaders the tools and knowledge needed to grow their influence and bottom line. A constant learner, thoughtful communicator, and sought-after trainer, Kayla brings a combination of optimism and objectivity that creates connections and drives results.

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Laura Ewan, FSMPS, CPSM
Brand Strategist

A culture driver with a track record of transformation, Laura has seen first-hand how powerful brands help AEC leaders level up. Her ability to synthesize diverse perspectives and preferences into clear, consistent messaging helps bring clarity and consensus to communications strategy. And her belief that actions speak louder than words in marketing results in brands both clients and employees can believe in.

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Dragonfly has been CMTA's strategic partner for over six years. In that time, they have adjusted their focus to meet the specific needs of our growing organization, from market research to production support, pursuit coaching to business development strategy. Dragonfly has been instrumental to our national growth and we look forward to a long continued partnership. 

Kevin Mussler—Partner + Vice President, CMTA


We embed ourselves in your organization to challenge standards, strategize winsbuild brands, and empower teams—for results that help you compete and thrive. 

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Our Clients

Our clients

We’re fortunate to work with incredible leaders and award-winning firms—each with unique challenges and visions for the future. Here are a few we've been proud to support.

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